You are definitely ahead of me

So far I have the grape twigs. Of course the garlic and sage are growing. I bet the asparagus is too, but the geese love asparagus and since they are still sleeping in the garden I think they are having a nice little snack every day. LOL!
We were hoping to finish the can rotators today and then move the geese tomorrow. But dh just came in with a MINOR boo-boo, a board kicked back on him on the table saw and there was a whole lot of blood for a very tiny cut. He doesn’t do well with blood, so I’ve got him “resting” now. So things might be in a slower gear the rest of the weekend. Basically it split the nail on his pinky so it’s going to be major sore I’m sure. At least it was the push board that hit it and not the blade!
What is your best gardening advice on parsley? I seem to have dismal luck with it.