Our main farm products are meats – pork, chicken, eggs, pet food, etc

But we do have a relatively small garden area (a few thousand square feet, which really isn’t much for a farm). Without any attention from us over the winter, our rhubarb, comfrey and strawberries are already coming on strong. One of my bulk buy groups recently posted a call for rhubarb. Um, hey, we have that! So we are moving forward with doing some rhubarb sales, and now I’m thinking to go ahead and plant our smallish garden area with a mix of other veggies. Not because we eat ’em, but because now we’re plugged into a network of buyers who want fresh-n-local, even if it’s in small quantities. It won’t pay the mortgage, but it will likely be enough to pay stuff like filling the gas tank. So, one more little income stream for the farm, without a heckuva lot more effort! Yay!