OK, don’t want to get into arguments

so this will be it for me on this topic. The price of gold did drop 2% over the course of calendar year 2012. It is usually not a short turnaround investment. But in the past five years, it’s increased in value by 85%. None of my savings accounts have had returns at that rate, and stock performance may or may not have matched that. My house and property certainly didn’t appreciate that much in the last five years, nor did any of our other durable goods/assets. And looking over the 10 year, 50 year and 100 year history of gold prices in this country, it has steadily climbed, sometimes by a lot. So it can at least compete with other forms of investing. I’ve been trying to find a chart that would allow me to compare the DJIA side by side with gold and silver, to see how they each performed over longer periods of time. All three have steadily improved in value over time, with individual bobbles here and there of course, and at different rates. Haven’t found a chart yet that allows me to compare all three side by side, but here’s a nice chart for gold that goes back up to 60 years.
Haven’t found one yet for DJIA that goes back in those increments. All of them either go back only 5 years, or go back to the beginning of the industrial average. That leaves out a whole lot of good comparable info. I’ll keep looking.