I’ll point out that

no one living in current US society, has ever experienced here the kind of economic upheaval which triggered a reversion to the gold/silver standards that historically have occurred. Katrina was a blip on the radar compared to the types of events I’m talking about. But talk to folks who lived through things like the collapse of the Soviet Union, the modern collapse of some South American countries such as Argentina, or even survivors of the London blitz, and you’ll hear different stories about what has value. Our nation has sustained some short-term, regional catastrophes like Katrina, which caused weeks-long or months-long disturbance in that particular area. But the country as a whole wasn’t in that crisis. However, the US has experienced a few national-scale emergencies, but almost out of the reach now of living memory. The closest thing that anyone in this country would have seen as part of our national history, was the Civil War/Reconstruction era. The Great Depression was a runner-up, but even there our currency lost value but didn’t actually start to fail. Since the original thread was “what do we do if our economy ever actually fails”, let’s compare apples to apples. Other countries whose economies have actually failed, or whose currency actually failed, did revert in almost every instance to some form of gold/silver trade while some kind of new currency was created. Those are the types of events that I’m talking about.