I just spotted a typo in my ramblings

Silver is not 1/10 the value of gold, but very roughly 1/100 the value of gold. A lot of variation in that over time, so it’s not written in stone. For instance silver is trading this morning at roughly $30/troy ounce, while gold is trading at roughly $1500/troy ounce. So it’s closer to 1/50 rather than 1/100 today. But historically, silver has been roughly 1/100 the value of gold, and that value is across cultural boundaries. So as gold and silver have been used as currency, most civilizations seem to inherently recognize those different levels of trading value. Not significant for day to day investment strategies, but more of a “hmm, that’s interesting” commentary on what the human species has found valuable over the passage of history. That’s what keeps me coming back to gold/silver. I can go to any country on the planet, at any point in time, hold out gold and silver, and whoever I’m talking to will instantly recognize is as valuable. Can’t do that with any other form of currency I’ve ever read of.