It’s a little late to start tomatoes from seeds

They take a L-O-N-G time to go from germination to fruit. We usually start our tomato seeds in a greenhouse around the first of March in order to have them ready to transplant to the outdoors by the 15th of May. Given that’s only a month away, you may do better to wait until about then, and start off with transplants where the tomato plant is already a strong 12″ – 24″ tall, and ready to go in the ground. Find out your area’s last frost date, then figure you’ll plant around then with a living tomato plant that already has a good start. Also be prepared to over it, in case you get some frosty nights after that. That’ll get you well on your way to having tomatoes this summer.

Never really checked..

to big for me to smell the flowers and because of allergies, never thought to check–it’s just pretty. we had it in the middle of a front bed and decided to move it to the back yard this year. guess I’ll check in a few months and get back to you.