Ahem, Chief Stormcloud

some of my most favorite market veggie grower colleagues are in MI, in both the lower and upper halves of the state. It’s not only possible, but it can even be profitable, if you want it to be! And no, you don’t need 40acres and a John Deere tractor to succeed with it. But an attitude change would be a good first start!

PS – if anyone else claims that they can’t have a garden because they’re too far north, I have some very successful gardening friends in Alaska who can prove otherwise. C’mon, folks, let’s talk about ways we can succeed, rather than reasons why we’re gonna fail before we even try. I’m sorta picking on Eldred at the moment (because he’s such a willing volunteer for such things!). But a lot of folks can have very good gardens, if they merely a) decide they want to and b) put in even a medium amount of “git ‘er done”. This isn’t rocket science, but some assembly required. Like most of the rest of life.