I can’t believe it worked!

Now that the sun is finally out and I’m getting over the bug I’ve had I decided to walk around outside and size up the garden for spring this afternoon. I already knew the grapevines dh had pruned in February were leafing out about a week ago. I had been concerned for them since we’ve had below freezing temps this week. So when I saw all the lively growth still bright green and growing I was thrilled.
Then I remembered my “experiment”. When dh pruned the grapes I went out the next day and gathered up several of the trimmings. These I cut into 18-24 inch lengths with an angle cut on them. These I randomly stuck in large flower pots of soil and then watered them well. I’ve done nothing else to them since then. The weather did all the needed watering for me.
So I went over to the flower pots and was AMAZED to see EVERY single stick had leaves on it!! I can’t believe it worked! So now I’ve got a whole lot of grapes (seeded unfortunately) to plant. Hmmmm, now where to do it. This adventure will of course end up on my Mind Your Pennies Blog (can be reached from the link below) when I go to transplant them later on this spring. Stay tuned.