28 Nov

WTH Comments

I keep getting weird comments from strangers on this blog – what the heck / hell is that about??? Who the thingy is Oxnard and Oxcard and Thannox and Janeyt??? These people don’t exist, surely? Stop it! If you’re reading this, err, I’m not interested in buying whatever you have for sale!! Stop sending them over, send them elsewhere buddies!

26 Nov

180 Degree Change. Flipping the Tape of Life Around, BACK ONTO THE A SIDE!

Dear JPQ,

Ok, so this morning I got up at 6.30am (!) after sleeping for almost 11 hours last night. I feel like I have a brand new lease on life. I think that perspective is needed sometimes; when you’re feeling unwell, this can really serve to cloud and colour your thoughts and feelings and basically, you can view the world in a light that isn’t quite right or helpful in aiding you along the right path. Continue reading

25 Nov


Dear JPQ,

15 mins until the work break is over and I feel F********G AWFUL. I’ve got a fluid filled cyst in the middle of my eye brows, I feel absolutely knackered and worn. I don’t think I’m coming down with anything but argh, I want my bed! I think I’ve spent farrrrrr too much time working on the house and maybe not enough time actually getting any proper kip in. Continue reading

24 Nov

Dealing With Jack

Dear JPQ,

So Jack is my big brother. As we all know in the family, he’s got problems with his err… health shall we say. I just want to point out that at this stage, progress has been made and we’re getting on a lot better now that his health issues are sorting themselves out. He’s taken the choice to clean up and start a healthy lifestyle.

It’s always been tricky with him. Last Friday, we took the time to go to Nando’s together. Continue reading

24 Nov

Home Ownership

Dear JPQ,

So while my buddies from school, uni and work are still scraping together deposits for houses (but still also spending plenty on booze and girls), I’m now on my second one (this one will be a rental property). I bought it two months ago, got epic flu and then zonked out for ages. I’m all good now and properly back to work but I’m still not 100% if it was the right buy or not. It’s a really old building, one with many, many multiple isses of things like damp and rot and it still has 70’s woodchip wallpaper all over the walls and maybe it was a bit over ambitious to buy it but maybe, just maybe, I can make it work. This past week, I’ve been skiving off work to sort everything out. www.palmarytrees.com sorted the garden out (had a massive cherry tree blocking all the light into the back of the house Continue reading

19 Nov

Will Here

So, at the ripe old age of 29, I’ve procured a blog. Well, maybe not so much procured as just created.

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself (pointless really because I know categorically that NO ONE is EVER going to read this but aye). My name is William (but call me Will) Burton. No, I’m not related to Tim. I wish… Continue reading